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Barguna Ambulance service

Emergency Ambulance service in Barguna sadar. We proive differnt types of Ambulance service in the all distrcits of Bangladesh.  An ambulance is a vehicle specially designed and equipped to allow the transport of sick, injured or pregnant (woman about to give birth) to a hospital public or private to hospital or clinic or a specialized care unit. An ambulance usually has the necessary medical equipment and functional and first aid for the wounded. Online ambulance service in Dhaka has all facilities in all ambulance fleet. 24 Hours emergency ambulance service available. We provide different types ambulance servie.

Ac Ambulance service in Barguna

The Ac Ambulance service in Barguna sadar. The Ac Ambulance is one of the best ambulance services in Dhaka as well as in the whole Bangladesh. An Ac ambulance is mainly used to transfer a patient to the hospital or a recently recovered person to his/her resident. Ac ambulances have air conditioning systems. As the temperature is very high in Bangladesh and we have to wait hours after hours in traffic, it can make a normal person fall sick. So it is crucial to maintain a suitable temperature for any patient and the companions. 

In our Ac Ambulance service, we provide neat and clean bed sheets, stretchers, oxygen cylinder and a first-aid box. There is ample room for the patient and his/her companions.

Yes. Ac Ambulance service does cost you a bit extra compared to the Non-AC ambulance. If you want to have a smooth and relaxing journey, then a bit of extra cost will not matter to you. For a long journey, AC ambulance service is highly recommended. 


Barguna Ambulance Number: 

Shikder Ambulance service, 017132602042

Online Ambulance service, 01627669222

Hawlader Ambulance service, 01703304927

Liton Ambulance Barguna, 01725242834


Ambulance Service in Barguna sadar. We Proive different types of Ambulance service in all districts of Bangladesh.

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